Bulletproof Coffee For Me Not So Much

Bulletproof Coffee For Me Not So Much

The Bulletproof Coffee tastes so freaking good! But damn it… I put the same butter in my Folgers with my usual stevia and it tasted even better!

Just kidding… I don’t drink folgers but I do drink some fancy ass coffee and the butter is amazing.

I know that’s not the point… I know the bulletproof diet all about eliminating toxins and training your body to become “bulletproof”.  Losing a pound of fat a day while binging on sweet, velvety butter coffee… sounds like a dream weight loss plan, right?

Here’s my truth about “being” bulletproof for 30 days:

My life is already pretty damn bulletproof so I thought Dave Asprey’s way of doing things could do me some good. I already supplement my nutrition with Usana. I take about seven pills every morning and every night to make sure my cells can fight off what this earth throws at me.

I train like a lazy ass these days since I have this nagging IT band PAIN. I’m working on managing with some nsaids along with acupuncture, MobilityWOD programs and just plain old heating pad at night. I’ll be back in the gym blasting away soon enough but I’m over 40 now and I don’t grease as easily as I did in my 20’s.

This bulletproof diet is not a really a diet. It’s a way to eat and cut out the crap you put into your body. It’s very similar to Paleo but of course it calls for Dave’s branded bulletproof products. He says the coffee will not kill you from toxins. I was like “what toxins”.

In his book, Bulletproof Diet, Dave Asprey is constantly harping on all the toxins that are in the air, in our food supply, in our water, in our coffee and all this is why we are stupid, slow, fat, dumb, miserable, anxious, depressed and just plain sick and tired.

I’m not quite convinced but I did learn how mold can infect our brains! YUCK!

So I started with just the bulletproof coffee every morning with the sweet, creamery Kerrygold grassfed unsalted butter, heaping teaspoon of stevia and Dave’s Bulletproof Brain Octane… yeah, brain octane.

I didn’t expect to feel a lot of anything the first day or even within the first week of drinking 450 plus calorie coffee all morning until mid-afternoon then breaking the “fast” with only organic, grass fed whatever and home grown veggies… and I didn’t.

Needless to say I wasn’t sold.

I drank Bulletproof coffee diligently for 30 days and didn’t really get anything from it. I guess all the Pugel’s Hot Dogs I ate during the month balanced out my becoming Bulletproof!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that these products and the way they are designed help Dave Asprey. I’m sure there are a few people out there experiencing the benefits of toxin-less coffee. It’s a great brand and is highly marketed.

I tried Bulletproof Coffee for 30 days with no special feelings one way or the other. No weight loss, no more energy and no octane boost in the frontal lobe of my brain!

I’m still me and my Usana is my bulletproof vest in the fight against cancer and disease.

Photo Credit: Equator Coffee

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