Email Is For Pussies

Email Is For Pussies

Now you know I can come up with some crazy email subject lines… Just look at the title of this article and sometimes the subject line doesn’t have anything to do with the email content AT ALL!

Check out this latest test I did for my most active subscribers on my golf list:

MailChimp A-B Subject Line Test

With just an hour or two of testing, you see that Jesus is not doing well. This subject line however does have something to do with the content of the email. I’m asking for recommendations and reviews on all my business profiles – ThumbTack, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Here’s what I mean by being a PUSSY about email… In my world, in your world – the PUSSY is the strongest and most vital part of how the world gets shit done!

So don’t be using the word PUSSY as a negative or weak connotation around me – You Got Me?!?!

Back to the material at hand:

Mailchimp allows for up to 3 variations of one item in each campaign that you send. I test every email I send to give me more data to make better decisions in my business… and it’s simple if you use Mailchimp.

Here are the guidelines that I use:

  1. Curiosity  =  I’m Tired Of All The Hyped Up Crap!
  2. Blow Their Mind  =  The Secret To Great Poops In The Morning
  3. Throw A Grenade In Their Inbox  =  Screw That!
  4. Make It Hurt  =  The Common Remedy For A Tight Anus
  5. Confuse Them  =  Business Owners Who Are Dirt Poor

You may have received a few of these!

I use a version of these almost every day in my email marketing which is my main bloodline to sales and memberships.

Use these for your emails and I promise you will have more engagement with your subscribers, network and prospects. If you have any trouble just send me an email and we’ll set up a time to brainstorm together.

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