Fees and Programs

We have players of all ages that strive for greatness every day. What sets our students apart is their performance on the course is a result of dedication to a process that maximizes their golf potential.

All players in our program follow 5 principles that we have developed into our curriculum:

#1 – While learning and improving one must give up their belief in common sense. Everything in golf is exactly the opposite of what we believe to be commonsensical.

#2 – Better ball striking comes from understanding the principle of leverage and efficient (simple and free) movement. The less something pivots and rotates on a given joint in the body the less likely the clubface is to swing off the intended path.

#3 – Leverage is created from the ground up. Our lower body is our foundation for creating speed and power. Our larger muscles are located mostly in the lower body – glutes, hamstrings and quads. Our feet are pivot points between the ground and the club that hold the key to our ability to rotate and create speed with effortless power.

#4 – Talent can be grown. Plain and simple. Following slow deliberate moves with positive, negative and neutral feedback gives your brain the energy currents to develop physical knowledge. .

#5 – The use of technology is paramount. Mirrors, lasers, robots, 3D tracking, radars are a necessity in the modern learning of golf.

BONUS Tenet: Playing the game… on a golf course… is not the same as swinging and working during a lesson. One must give up control of anything that has to do with their swing during a round of golf. The only control you have during a round of golf is your playing focus. This is the “mental” side of the game.

If you don’t agree with these tenets then you are not a good fit for our program. If you are not willing to change then you are not willing to get better. Growth and game development are achieved outside of your comfort zone.

Our players receive a comprehensive swing and physical assessment during the first phase of our program:

РIntroduction and Player Assessment ($50)
– Ball Flight Analysis
– Equipment Evaluation and Fitting
– Functional Movement Screen ($75)
– Structural Fingerprint Exam ($70)
– Tournament Performance Preparation
– 9 Hole Course Management Session ($150)
– Titleist Performance Institute Assessment and Fitness Program ($250)

During our assessment we’ll discuss your true desire to perform and how to set goals. We’ll set a plan for achieving these goals and build a platform for accountability.

As a convenience, your first performance assessment will be at The Polo Field Golf Center at 915 E. Mulberry Ave San Antonio, Texas 78212.

We’ll schedule a playing lesson within 10 days to assess your emotion, demeanor and approach to the strategy of your game if we decide to work as a team.

Even if we decide not to continue, you have access to your assessment and swing analysis for life online at https://edufii.com/i/0ec55f7546 – all active members of San Antonio Golf Performance are not charged a monthly access fee for Edufii.

To book your assessment go to https://squareup.com/appointments/book/A2Y779R1A5TFA/brandi-jo-newman

We are looking forward to working with you and making you the best golfer you can be!

Brandi Jo Newman, Director of Golf Performance