My Pinnacle Of Success

My Pinnacle Of Success

This will be a multi-level course that will take you from the 50,000 foot view of goal setting: how to choose them, how to take action, get organized and reach the pinnacle of your success. By the end of this course you will be more successful from one day to the next – guaranteed.

This year I really focused on maintaining and sustaining my success. My goals were and still are my motivation. Goals are important in my opinion and have helped me accomplish so much in my professional and personal life.

Goals help us keep score with ourselves. They help us grow on a daily basis. They keep us honest with ourselves and they most importantly allow us to own our bullshit.

You can only fool yourself for so long until your bullshit catches up with you. I call this ‘talking big with little action’ to show for it. In other words you can talk a big game but nothing really happens after a while and people just get annoyed with your lack of action. They lose faith in you. You will lose their support and you will eventually be left alone to fend for yourself and that is pathetic and sad.

This happens a lot with wanna-be entrepreneurs who spend most of their time getting ready to launch a product or service or themselves online and nothing really materializes over a period of time. The reason is because they don’t adopt a process for launching their business, a system for generating revenue or a platform to keep track and stay organized of their micro accomplishments. They spend their time researching these things instead of actually doing them.

As Liz Gilbert puts it, they are stuck on the “runway” preparing to fly but a doubtful if they can take flight.

Starting a business to make actual money is different than launching a business. A launch in “IM” speak is to gather momentum for a product of service and then open up for buyer or members. Starting the actual business is different for most. Starting a business is a few clicks, a few dollars and a prayer. These are just a few micro accomplishments on the road to the end-all-be-all goal. You can register an assumed name with your county clerk or register a domain name, buy some hosting from G0Daddy, open up a business checking account and you can actually say you are in business.

When are began to teach full time at the beginning of the year, I started with a system. Facebook, email and just being available for every possible student was key. Pricing and time frame was where I focused most of my effort.

My golf business has been a success so far and I am scaling in the last quarter of 2016 to include fitness training, nutrition, college scholarship prep, tournament prep and travel excursions. Not to mention more technical aspects like Edufii, RoboGolfPro and online learning.

These are all examples of micro-accomplishments that I believe will help me expand my business and bring more people to the game while helping their realize their potential.

Speaking of micro-accomplishments, this is what I call mini-goals or micro-goals (my economic buddies will like me using the term micro). Mini-goals can be something we get done or build in a tight time frame – an hour, a few hours, a day, a week. Mini-goals are also on-going. In my golf instruction, one mini-goal is to go through the entire process of your shot selection and execution (notice how I didn’t say swing). Every shot deserves the same appreciation as the toughest shot during the round. My personal process and the process I teach is very simple:

  1. Assess – see what is going on with the shot. Slope, atmosphere, angles, etc.
  2. Visualize – if you can’t see something positive happening before you hit the shot then we need to work on confidence and composure first.
  3. Trust – trust in yourself that you have done the work and practice to get you to this point.

Three simple things that don’t take a lot of time or effort for that matter but make a big difference in your game, your outcome and your confidence. It’s a system for combatting anxiety, doubt and emotion. And on every golf shot the goal is to complete every step. Whatever happens on the shot is irrelevant at that point.

The one thing in business and golf that separates winners from losers (yes, some people are losers) is the ability to stick with a system that works and not ever let it whane or falter. My pre-shot routine for golf is a system that develops successful results. Choosing to follow a path for success take guts and persistence. Anyone can choose the path to failure. That’s an easy choice to make and to repeat it several times over your adult life.

To be successful you must follow a proven formula for success. My advice is to mimic someone you admire and do what they did! It’s pretty simple. You can avoid their mistakes and achieve success faster than they did. I believe you don’t need to “pay your dues” if you’re smart and diligent. If they have written a book, read it in a few hours and you can skip over the hardship of their failures. If they are a successful business person in your community call and ask them if you can shadow them for a brief period of time, ask them to lunch to pick their brain and ask for guidance… make a move, take action, make something happen for yourself!

Now I’m only speaking to the extent of being an entrepreneur myself. I’m not talking about goals at a job where you probably have production goals and having to make someone else look good. I’m talking about people who know they are destined for something greater, they get up every morning just like me to help people live a better life. I’m talking about people like you. And this is not to say I haven’t failed… I’ve failed so many times I’ve lost count!

We entrepreneurs are a rare breed and most of us have failed 10 times before we succeed. Not everyone is a Zuck or Branson or Cuban. They are the .001% or the 1% of successful entrepreneurs and even they have failed a few times.

But you don’t need to fail over and over to find your pinnacle of success either in golf, business or life.

What is the pinnacle you want to reach? What is the one thing right now that gets you pumped up and ready to go? Write it down. Right now. Write it down on a piece of paper and stick it on your bathroom mirror where you can see and read the words aloud every morning.

Here’s mine:


To be more specific, I want to influence, help, encourage and motivate at least 1,000 people on a daily basis by giving them a piece of myself with every tweet, every article, every video, every status message, every dollar I spend, every lesson I give, every word I speak every day. I live to give.

So this article if you have read this far is your first action step in your Goal Setting 201 course. Every article or video or email will have a micro action step and by the end of this course you will know and understand how powerful setting goals can be on your business and your personal development.

This course will be ongoing in perpetuity. In other words, I’ll be adding content to this category for members on an ongoing basis. I will also ask that you post images of your completed action steps just like my image above.

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I’ll see you on the other side or on the golf course!

Thanks for reading!

Take care,

Brandi Jo