Golf For A Cause

Golf For A Cause

I’ve always been charitable. It’s in my genes. Momma Jo has given more of her time and more of her money away than she has at times.

As always around my birthday I avoid gifts from my friends because it’s just more stuff and the money you spend could go to someone more deserving than me…

This is why this year I’m hoping you will support FPC Charities founded by my good friend Frank Pakuszewski (pah-kuh-chef-ski).

His passion to help people in need is just as strong as mine and my Mother’s. His no nonsense approach to society’s problems is a refreshing change from the self validation of some organizations.

Back in 2009 when my mother Donna Jo decided to build a library for her friends and neighbors in Rusk County, the project was completed before it started because of conviction to provide for her community. The library is now a source of knowledge, support and guidance for everyone who walks through the doors.

Frank has the same conviction and focus to make change while helping up, mentoring and providing direct financial assistance to those who are in need.

Today is my birthday and I want you to give to FPC Charities with as much love and money as you can.

It doesn’t matter if it’s $10 or $1,000. We take care of our own, each other and we all reap the rewards for a better society.

When you give to FPC Charities from today through Sunday you will get 30 minutes of coaching, up to 2 hours, from me for every $20 you donate.

Please take advantage of my offer and my time. Your game and those you provide for will improve and appreciate it.

Please email Frank to pledge your support:

I’ll see you on the practice tee!

Your friend,

Brandi Jo

Please Donate Now!

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