Recommended Golf Books and Gifts

Start with this one: Play Your Best Golf Now: Discover VISION54’s 8 Essential Playing Skills

Then read this one: Every Shot Must Have a Purpose: How GOLF54 Can Make You a Better Player

Next is a book for understanding how we reach our potential: Mindset by Carol Dweck, Ph.D. Good for just about anything in your life – money, business, school and relationships. Reveals how established attitudes affect all aspects of one’s life, explains the differences between fixed and growth mindsets, and stresses the need to be open to change in order to achieve fulfillment and success. Click here to read Chapter One of Mindset.

The Talent Code is a book I mention and will mention over and over because I believe in it’s premise so much! Dan Coyle provides clear evidence that talent can be grown.

Please use the links to purchase if you will. You’re purchase through these links will benefit my personal economy.

Happy reading!