What To Expect

Brandi JoWhen you join me I will be your 24/7 mentor, partner and coach. We’ll be able to connect on all social media channels and devices. I’ll  give you private and exclusive access to my daily regimen of golf, business, fitness and money management. I have something for everyone, from beginners to professional golfers, from college drop-out to 3rd generation family owned businesses and even those who are beginners looking for an effective way to break into being an entrepreneur. No matter your level of expertise we are all here for one thing and that is to get better together.

Get an in-depth look at my life as well, as you follow me in an exclusive daily blog you will not find anywhere else. I pushed myself from a college dropout to a board room along the way, bringing back a no-frills, return-to-basics philosophy for life and business.

3 Things Make Your Membership Unique

  1. This is me and this is what I do. I am Brandi Jo Newman, a professional tour player turned entrepreneur and now building a community of winners. I live this lifestyle and I live to help people.
  2. Daily challenges, 4-week training programs, exclusive video content you cannot find anywhere else, and education and motivation on a real-life applicable level.
  3. Keeping it real and authentic. I’m tough but nurturing. This is something unique for beginners, intermediate and even experienced entrepreneurs, golfers and families wanting to make sure they keep most of their hard earned money, especially since I am in the trenches with you daily. I also have my own life and business goals I will share with you along the way.

The benefits of joining me are developing your body and spirit together as one. I know I can help increase performance and strength from both your body and your spirit, and help improve your current financial situation while keeping things fun. But the real benefit is that my members grow self-confidence, and have the motivation and discipline to face any challenge inside or outside the golf course.

Who Inspires Me

My Momma Donna Jo has influenced how I help my friends, my neighbors, my clients and my many social connections. She instilled in me a great sense of acceptance and understanding for everyone.

My partner Claudia challenges me everyday to love unconditionally while striving for patience and mindfulness.

My former general agent at Personal Economics Group and friend Joe Kane guided me to develop my business philosophy, business strategy and how to develop mentoring relationships with my clients and students.

I will share my entire simple success secrets that are guaranteed to help you along your journey. Don’t hesitate to pull the trigger and join now.

Call or text me with any questions 210-563-8595, I’m here to help in any way I can.