Why Golf Sucks For You

You know I don’t lather a bunch of B.S. over any subject. That’s why “blogs” are so popular these days. We all want answers to our pressing questions in regards to what we are passionate or perplexed about. This article is no different.

Golf sucks for you because you think you are more skilled than you really are. It’s that simple.

For example, I watch my students struggle to make prudent decisions about their ability on every shot they attempt. Last week on #18 at The Quarry, I chose my 4 hybrid to tee off on the 509 yard par 5. I hit my 4 hybrid 185 yards straight. I had 300+ yards to the green. I hit my 4 hybrid again. I’m now 127 yards to the pin, uphill, back left with a bunker in front. I hit 8 iron to 15 feet and two putted for my par. I shot 76 that day with a even back nine with two birdies on the day.

Over each shot I completed my process for achieving a calm confidence for determination and commitment. I swing with my purposeful intent and good tempo, pressure and balance. I don’t leave any room for doubt or uncertainty. Of the 76 shots on the day I spent maybe a total of an hour actually golfing my ball over the four and a half hours of being out on the golf course.

In contrast, my student playing partner grabs his driver that he can hit over 250 yards consistently but with uncertain shot patterns. The problem here is that trouble lurks just over 195 yards from the tee to a severely sloping right to left fairway that leaves your ball in “native areas” with snakes and rocks. You have no shot. Your ball is lost and you’re down 2 shots automatically. The lesson here is to limit outside forces on your golf shots.

With his driver and the crosswinds and the tight landing area and the pressure he feels because he spends very little effort on what he can control which is his address position and his emotional state, he obviously hits a wasteful drive into the crap and then reacts with disdain for himself, his driver and the game.

He could have hit two 5 irons or even two 6 irons to lay up to the approach shot for a better scoring opportunity.

Here’s the bottom line about golf:

Golf is not the ability to swing a golf club perfectly around your body with flair and elegance. Golf is about getting a ball in a hole with the least amount of resistance between your subconscious and your physical limitations.

The reason golfers do not get better is because they are focused on the wrong end of the playing equation. They are focused more on outcome than the process. Process is boring. Process does produce instant desired results. Developing a process that fits into your personality and your purpose is monotonous. This is where more high handicappers should focus their energy but they don’t.

My students either get this or they don’t and they don’t stay students for very long. 90% of my teaching philosophy is on process. Process is the position of your body lines and the state of your mind before a golf ball is ever struck.

I described my process above. What is your process? Does it involve “thinking” or does your process involve a feel, an image or a sound?

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