How Do I Start Infinite Banking?

From the previous article, you see an example of a $300 monthly premium into a policy. Many of my clients find me online from my YouTube videos and their first question is how do I get an Infinite Banking policy? My usual response is what is your end goal? I think it is always best […]

How Does Infinite Banking Work?

Infinite Banking is a simple process of hyper funding a cash value whole life insurance. Just like Dave Ramsey says to save and then spend so you don’t have any debt, using an Infinite Banking policy is a way to save, protect your family with life insurance and be able to keep the returns from […]

What Is Infinite Banking?

Infinite Banking is a personal cash flow strategy using multiple cash value whole life insurance policies to “capture” your income. The Infinite Banking Concept was invented and developed by R. Nelson Nash over 40 years ago in the early 1980s. His personal experience with both traditional financing and owning cash value whole life insurance gave […]