Just a crappy day from start to finish!

I wrote in my journal this morning as today’s quote: FORGIVE YOURSELF TO CREATE EMPOWERED SUCCESS

That right there is what I need to do tonight in order to move on tomorrow and make tomorrow better than today.

Today was kind of blah, meh and clouded… too much size, sideways action and bad entries all around. Have a look for yourself:

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Ugh… I have two “feelings” or emotions about today – anger and disappointment.

Angry that I hoped I was right on $NETE both short and long. I know now I’m not ready to short tickers.

Disappointed that I didn’t stop, truly reset and trade smaller size instead of increasing size.

Tonight I will meditate to forgive myself, because that’s what I have to do to come back fresh and trade with better clarity tomorrow.

I read an article this past weekend about fear of success. The article explained how the underlying issue of limited success or never living up to your own expectations is that in the past we have caused unnecessary suffering to ourselves and others while attempting to change for the better.

Today I caused myself unnecessary suffering and I need to get the fuck over it. I’ll accomplish this by envisioning a better tomorrow in the trading room, continue to trade small while cutting off the trades that are not working.

One thought on “Day Trading Recap Day 69 | $HMNY $NETE $MU $SPPI | Brandi Jo Newman

  1. I figured it out what the subconscious
    issue was from this trading day: I didn’t
    want to miss a big move like I had the
    last 2 trading days.

    That’s why I went big size on NETE to
    make up for the big red Short in the
    early AM and missing the plays from
    Spartan on Monday and Tuesday.

    Fogiveness comes from some layer of
    understanding the circumstances. I’m
    good now.

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