$NFLX – $ROKU – $TSLA – $BYND – $BA Setting new levels on ROKU this morning. I got burned on the first pull as my stop hit b/c premium adjusted on the open. Got tagged with a $370 loss in 3 minutes. Not likely to happen again. Arrogance and false confidence will kill your thrill every time.

Overnight there was news from China delegation that trade talks had not progressed at all… duh.

Therefore the markets pulled a good 4 points across the board except for ROKU and TSLA – 2pt pull – on my trading list. I like the fact NFLX didn’t reverse yesterday after the big pull – looks to me like it’s consolidating for another leg down. Every other ticker had a significant range pull around 5pm Texas time.

I’m looking for TSLA to stay strong and be active around the pivots. ROKU may still have another big go today given it was rounding off the bottom for the last week or so.

BYND is just a fucking bitch. She pulls down 3 points every damn day just to pop back up 2 points in the afternoon. There is no saving this bitch from filling the gap from 120 to 105 IMO. Lock up expiration is Oct 29 – chaos may ensue if there is not a PR that Canada is outlawing all natural meats and making Beyond Meat a mandatory household item. I am not a fan.

BA gets above 380 and we’re back to bullish chart for getting more upside to the bottom of the gap down from the crashes at 398.

NVDA good news comes out about anything China and we’ll see strength along with option premium volatility.

Today’s Picks:

TSLA 247.07 is bullish, 242 is bearish – 245 calls
NFLX 265 breaks down to 262. Nothing bullish until 267.50 – 260 puts
ROKU we have filled the gap. Next resistance is 123 then 127 – woo! 120 calls

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