I teach my clients how to leverage their capital and even their debt to become financially independent

My clients create 30% to 70% more wealth and income using infinite banking.

Money is a tool to build the life you truly want to live. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “the purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience at the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences”.

Traditional retirement planning separates you from your money. Rarely does a traditional financial advisor teach you how you can enjoy your current income and still save for retirement with less risk and market uncertainty.

I help you retire early and have more income during your retirement years.

On average I help you create 30% to 70% more income for retirement than traditional retirement planning.

Tax Free Retirement

If you are currently working towards retirement, you may still have time to adjust your current retirement plan to create 30% to 70% more retirement income.
Retire early

Infinite Banking

Learn how to build A pool of private capital for real estate investing, debt consolidation and passive income.
30 %
Average 30% to 70% More Income
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Less Portfolio Risk
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The Benefits By Working With Brandi Jo


To get more reward and more income out of your money does not mean you have to take more risk. We will work together to build efficient strategies that give you more return without more risk.

Income Boost

The biggest question is how much to save and how to make sure it’s there when it’s needed. Lifestyle is not paid for with assets. Life is paid for with cash flow. Income is the key. Maximizing income strategies is my job.

Intentional Living

We all have a mission and purpose we want to achieve before we graduate. Being intentional with our money to achieve that dream takes more than just rates of return and projections. We will work hand and hand to secure your intentions.