100 Days of Gratitude – follow along in your journal with just 1 thing you are most grateful in your life.

I’ll post 1 focus of gratitude a day for 100 days. Let’s compare our lives from day 1 to day 100.

Day 1 – The breath in my lungs.

Journal entry: dear creator thank you for giving me the capacity in my lungs to calm myself when I feel pressure. Thank you for the transfer of energy I feel in my body as I focus on your eternal light and love.

Meditation breathing cues:

Breath in 1 – 2 – 3 – 4
HOLD 1 – 2 – 3 – 4
Release with an aahh sound 1 – 2 – 3 – 4

You can set a timer with bells and supportive music using Insight app, I like the deeper sounding bells and the Òm monk sounds.

Something interesting about a gratitude practice that I’ve experienced… this is not a task to get what you desire, this is a practice to make our immediate world a better place.

The immediate universe will give me the opportunities I need to get a level of happier existence. My goals are not my desires. My goals deliver my desires. Everything I do on a daily basis is a systematic process for improvement – not cyclical and certainly not linear.

My practice of daily gratitude is to improve my existence and my circle of influence.

Life check in: right now my life could not be any better in the love and respect department. I’d like to take up less space on the planet, body comp wise! The annoying hip and low back pain is diminishing day by day. My lifestyle is “free”. My wife supports me with all she has, I’m her number 1. I make her laugh more than I make her cry these days. Materials are focused on deductions not stuff to show off.

The time it takes to do this is approximately 10 minutes with a 5 minute breathing meditation.

See y’all tomorrow!

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