Brandi Jo’s Comfort Beef Stew

  1/2 cup Flour 1/2 cup Wheat Flour, White, All-purpose, Enriched, Bleached 23 Calories per serving 3 tbs Vegetable oil 3 tbsp Vegetable Oil, Oat 361 Calories per serving 3 tbs butter 3 tbsp Butter With Salt 305 Calories per serving 3 lb beef shoulder 3 lb Shoulder Roast Beef Freshdirect 2,047 Calories per serving […]

Peanut Butter versus Almond Butter

I have agonized over this pressing issue for many years and I have finally found a biased article that helps me legitimize my choice in nut butters! Confirmation bias is real and this post is living proof! My priority, #1 goal in life is to consume enough protein so I can enjoy carbs. That’s the […]

Laptop Busted

This morning I’m galivanting around to all the nerd shops for a savior. I tried UBreakIFix first with a $250 price tag to start, then on to Altex with $60 price tag for “diagnostic” check, now I’m sitting in front of Best Buy to ask the geek squad for help. I’ve traveled approximately 15 miles […]