As a once disenfranchised life insurance agent myself, this book hits more than just a few nerves for me. Maria Schepis is not holding back in her critique of how the insurance industry as a whole is primed to be “amazon’d”!

Schepis is right on with her personal experience of dealing with the leviathan of the slow moving, disconnected insurance industry.

The industry that gave me so much for 13 years is teetering on the brink of being disrupted from an outlier. Schepis talks about her experience trying to convince a major life insurance company to actually talk truth to their target market instead of talking around the potential customer.

The problem I see and continue to fight against is exactly what the title of her book, Flirting With The Uninterested, is stating. Nobody wants insurance. Everybody has it but they’re not interested in understanding how to use it. If people understood how it works and what they can benefit from it, they would want it and they would want more than what they have now.

The agents who are the first line of education about insurance do a really shitty job in my opinion. They entire the market to sell what they have to people who don’t want it… Agents should sell what their market wants and that is financial clarity, peace of mind and some level of economic security in a world that is constantly changing the rules of money.

Think about that for a minute…

Listen up agents! Your target market yearns for someone to give them answers – NOT A SALES PITCH!

Educate first. I promise you’ll have more clients in the long run without focusing on your bottom line – focus on your prospects bottom line.

Every insurance agent needs to read this book!

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