You are one decision away from living the life you desire… ready? Watch This Video

Everyday starts with RPM: Rise – Pee – Meditate. My rise is now a bit later around 5-530AM… I’ve gained an hour of sleep!

I like davidji’s Sacred Soul guided meditation on YouTube and Insight Timer these days. I open my eyes and I automatically need to pee of course. I then get back in bed, airpods in and click the screen. Twenty-eight minutes later I’m set for the day!

During this mediation practice I set an intention for the day. Today and every day this year is to prioritize clarity. In other words, creating a super clear vision of what I want to achieve every day. This happens with high performance of minimal habits. Habits are behaviors. When I accomplish just one task every day I am closer to my ultimate goal

Next is coffee, reading and watching for an hour AT LEAST! One of my VAs sends me snippets of news, industry newsletters and videos that she believes will help my business and my clients. She mines my social media, all my emails and some google alerts she has set. This morning she has a newsletter piece “What Financial Professionals Need To Know About The Secure Act 2.0”, an Instagram video on why Sub-Saharan Africa will remain poor, the San Antonio Report – Moses Roses fight against government eminent domain, an article at Full Measure about fake vaccine cards for doctors in Houston, and David McKenzie’s Pre-Shot Routine Lesson Audio Lesson.

This hour or so of information sets my brain up for absorption. I know I don’t know it all and that is powerful for growth in both my business and my life.

Next is some stretching and a walk if it’s nice or a spin if it’s freezing (which it is today… Panama is looking better everyday). Just a 45 minute walk that’s two miles or a 20 minute HIIT spin. Notice that I have not looked at email, social media or my schedule. I probably have checked my text messages and voicemails for any emergencies and that’s it for outside distractions.

Next is more coffee and get pretty! I did have a practice of drinking bulletproof coffee with MCT oil. I’m not just there with that anymore. I love a nice frothy dry cappuccino… or three, maybe four throughout the morning. I rarely eat breakfast at home during the week.

Next is writing, recording snippets and making notes for my podcast and video storyboards. Most of this comes from what my VA has sent me. This takes about an hour or so as well.

Now it’s about time for my first appointment. Usually I have a few “discovery calls” with referrals and leads from my ads and emails. These are potential clients that have found something in me that resonated with them and are looking for more insight on how to increase their retirement. I take two new discovery calls a day so that I can work on my current client’s retirement models, measuring alternatives for them instead of the traditional planning bullshit. I use a model to map out their journey:

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Every morning is dedicated to my business. Afternoons are for eating, more “reading” (I listen on Audible… I’m listening to Gov’t Cheese by Stephen Pressfield right now) 3pm club and golf of course.

We are usually in the bed by 9pm and asleep by 10pm, sometimes earlier. I believe sleep is the key to happiness – not money. Sleep in directly related to your overall health. Bad sleep, bad health. Bad health, no life, no enjoyment of everything you have toiled and troubled yourself to create.

The point of this post is to share how I do what I do… I have people reach out to ask how I live the life we live. The simple answer I share is “we are living the life we choose to live”. Every one of us is living the life we choose to live. Some of us cannot stand to be over scheduled, like me. Some of us like structure and being regimented – not me but Claudia is like this. That’s why we live where we live and we travel to satisfy my need to not be stuck so long in one place.

You are one decision away from living the life you desire… ready? Watch This Video