Laptop Busted

This morning I’m galivanting around to all the nerd shops for a savior. I tried UBreakIFix first with a $250 price tag to start, then on to Altex with $60 price tag for “diagnostic” check, now I’m sitting in front of Best Buy to ask the geek squad for help. I’ve traveled approximately 15 miles […]

OCT 23 2018 Premarket Prep

This morning we were down BIG! Gapping and dumping pre-market. Entire watchlist was below S1 on pivot charts with TTM_LRC in a downtrend. I was eyeing a bounce at the open but didn’t get it until later in the day. Tomorrow’s premarket prep will include my one trade in $SPY for 50%+ and overall 40%+ […]

OCT 22 2018 LIVE Pre-Market Prep |

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