You may have heard me say “make money, change your life” from my trading videos. This is not to mean that money is the end all be all of whatever we do in life but it is a means to an end for some of us.

Money has always been a central pain and joy point in my life. My family was better off than most but we did live modestly. We didn’t travel at all but we did go to Galveston a few times and at the time I thought that was big deal. A few of my friends didn’t even get the chance to do that.

Traveling is a passion of mine as an adult, and maybe a little of that has to do with the fact I didn’t experience much outside of my 250 mile radius of home. It’s obvious that having the means to travel is something that can have an impact on your life like I experienced in my 20’s.

With the “money” from my family, I traveled the world playing golf and experiencing things that most work their entire lives to be able to afford. Looking back I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to learn about the world in the way I did 20 years ago. Growing up, Claudia had the same experiences I had but with her family.

Now as “working class” DINKs, Claudia and I are seeing our lives transition into the next phase. We are both successful in what we do but we would like to have the freedom to not have to punch a clock.

Yes, we are highly paid experts in our field but we still have to show up to get paid. I do have a small business income from residuals but not anything to depend on in the long run.

This pain and joy point I mention is more than just a macro economic principle. I believe that money is more psychological than intrinsic. I truly believe that wealth is derived from our experiences rather than our wallets… yes, I say this with probably having spent well over $1,000,000 in my lifetime to this point with not a lot to show for it except the passport stamps, a few videos, pictures and the latent taste of the food and wine I loved and still love so much!

This is my choice and this is what Claudia and I agree on but now that I am older and get a little tired of standing on a practice tee all day, I’d like to make sure that my time and my risk is worth it.

Time is the only thing that is given to us without any cost. The time we have is what we use to multiply our experiences.

At the age of 45, I am learning how to be a calmer, more thoughtful person. In Brandi Jo speak this means that I am caring a little bit less about other things. I am focusing on the things that matter most to me and how my life will be remembered.

So here’s what matters most to me:

  • My relationships
  • Our security
  • My influence to help others

…and that’s it.

How do I go about making sure these very important goals are accomplished? I have a set of principles I follow almost every day to make sure I am moving towards my goals.

For instance, I want to help 1,000 people everyday in some way. This is accomplished with sharing my knowledge. I share financial principles on an ongoing basis here on this website.

If I can help someone get out of debt, save for their retirement and make sure they are protected then I’m following my principles.

The goal of security is both financial and philosophical. I want to give Claudia the security she needs to feel safe with her choices. Basically give her the freedom to choose what to do with her time. Also, the security of well being and to avoid financial disaster if “something bad happens”. This “bad” is of course one of us getting sick, injured or worse – dead!

We both have full coverage health insurance, critical care and human life value in life insurance. We practice what one of my mentors calls Infinite Banking to save for our future.

With my trading, I focus everyday on getting better at me. Getting better at me is just another way of following my own principles and being transparent with my audience with my profit and loss.

These days I am only trading options with the help of Levi: Arick:  Spartan: and of course AJ:

From the last few weeks I’ve gathered between $400 to $800 a week on just $500 of risk. You can see my images of profit and loss weekly on twitter:

So how can I help you?

If you have read to this point I am certain you are looking for something to help you with your trading, your golf game or maybe your personal finance journey. My inbox is always open so just drop a line below and tell me where you need the most help.

Wait… please check out my YouTube channel that will definitely convince you that I’m the real deal.

Below is a sample you can glean a few of my principles from:


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