If you’re new to trading like I am and not trading with a team that is focused on helping you succeed then you are losing out on opportunities in this market. Get in here with us!

Today was exhilarating and an example what not to do in the same breath as what to do with these type of plays.

Day trading is fairly similar to golf in that you really never master every shot or play. There is nothing perfect about either endeavor… I’m learning just like I did with my golf career that the key is to stay focused on my process of execution.

Day trading is the same process. Identify an opportunity, wait for the setup, execute with conviction and play through the move. Simple… yep.

First trade of the day was $LFIN before 9am which was the only rule I think I broke today. Made a few trades I believe on $LFIN for winners.

$LFIN was a heart palpitating trade each time but I was set at ease with my rule of 50 cents to a $1 on each trade no matter what size shares. You’ll see that I only traded 100 shares until $CCIH hit the LONG for some extra greens on the day.

Ugh… ROKU! This ticker is my nemesis. I don’t think I’ve ever had a win with this bitch!!!

ROKU will shake newbies with it’s violent pulls.. but it all depends on your entry!

I entered ROKU below the resistance because I thought I could read the candles like tea leaves! WRONG!

AKAM was a Mav analyst alert at 12:30pm my time. I’ve set an alarm to remind to check the chat roll for Mav’s alerts. AKAM was already on watch from AJ’s notes yesterday. It was sitting just below HOD in a waving consolidation flag from my eyes. I jumped in with the supports and trend lines for a quick 50 cents… This AKAM trade was more like a routine birdie on a short par 4 for me. Hit it, find it, hit it again!

Funny thing… I just realized I didn’t use my Trade Ideas scanner once today… hmmm.

Hopefully your watching my videos with my entries, exits and commentary. Keep in mind I’m just learning but I’ve got a process, a system, a team, a goal and desire to succeed… High performance is mandatory in this business and I have to keep my self control, my discipline and my eyes toward my ultimate goal in check every minute of every day I trade.

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Please email, comment or tweet me with any questions or comments. Thank you for all your support and engagement – I LOVE IT!!!

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