Another GREEN day for me! Always good to be green when day trading! Can I get an AMEN??!!

AJ’s and Spartan’s guidance was top notch again today BUT… my problem is always ME!

AJ coached me up a bit on letting my winners run. I’m beginning to understand the trade but still having trouble seeing the bigger picture. Also size might be an issue.

The trader is always the problem and I’ve got to work on letting my winners RUN!!! I’m posting this now in the morning session and I can certainly see a lost opportunity cost of over $300 because I’m a weenie!!!

$PXS is trading at $8.25 now!!! Any questions just post in the comments or let me know on twitter!

You can also watch me live taping the recap! AND… see how Trade Ideas gave me the alert on $PXS at 9:21 AM when I entered at $3.60…

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