This is by far the best trade I’ve taken on multiple levels. You will hear in my voice how I’ve been able to have more clarity on the trades with AJ’s, Spartan’s, Arick’s and all the mods guidance.

This is true team environment with tough love and inspiration.

I took $SNSS from AJ’s notes and AJ called it perfectly:

6) $SNSS Wells Fargo Tags a BUY rating with $8PT from $2 should be fun today (2.48)
Stock Gaping up +.40 I would prefer a sell off at the open to $2.55-$2.60 before goetting excited. However, This has room to $3.50 to $4 today so if taking some long just add on the .40 gap fill dip and have a decent average I think once this gets thru $3.10 should run nice.

If you are not getting this type of guidance and clarity on your day trades then you are in the wrong room.

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