Had a good day trading smaller and trading smarter!

Traded two of AJ’s calls but didn’t wait for the setup! Big girl trades but I cut them when I knew they were not working. Small losses on each.


$RIOT was a bitch as always. I had the win but sold my entire position then suffered from FOMO. Only got a few bucks on this play. Still green!

$MNK was my play of the day! I had it on radar on the hourly break of the 13ema and the cross of the 50ema to the downside. Risk was very small with the trend on my indicators. I had $23 area picked out for the bottom on the day. I covered at $23.21. I had clarity and confidence the entire trade.

$SRPT and $ATNX were just poorly traded – no volume, no play next time.

$LFIN still paying somebody’s bills. It was primed to pop and took 25 shares as AJ was calling it out.

Blockchain’s faded a bit today for some reason… It’s funny how much volume these plays get just for mentioning blockchain or crypto in your business… I take bitcoin for golf lessons but I haven’t had any more traffic than usual – go figure!

Hope everyone had a nice holiday while getting geared up for 2018!

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