My income is sparse these days. I am building up my stable of students to a maximum of 10 that pay $500 a month and get me at their beck and call basically. Claudia is pimping out so to speak… just kidding.

So… when I’m sitting around with barely enough cash in my pocket for a Pizza Classic slice, I turn on my computer and hit the list!

I offer one subscriber an unbelievable rate they can’t refuse. If I don’t get a conversion within a few hours I move on to the next subscriber.

There’s a layer of content development I use with this subscriber. I ask a lot of questions to refine my trainings and to increase quicker results for other students.

Usually I do this on a Sunday.

I have a 100% closing rate with this method. I pick a student who has shown persistence and promise with their participation in their training space. They get me at an unbelievable value and I have the chance to improve my skills as a coach.

All good.


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