Essentials For Living A Good Life:

  1. Love: find someone who can love you in spite of you.
  2. Eat well: don’t waste your body’s capacity with shitty junk food or fast food.
  3. Journal: Keep a daily journal with everything that’s important. Start with a quote, end with your life goals and in between set your daily targets (whatever your profession, list your daily targets to achieve the next level)

Essentials For Great Golf:

  1. Maintain a neutral grip on the club. The grip is the first point of manipulation in your swing.
  2. Focus on what you can control: your attitude, your setup position, your swing focus.
  3. Swing your swing and let go of yourself.

Essentials For Successful Day Trading: Products

  1. Plan each trade. Trade each plan.
  2. Trade your favorite setups. Mine is flag breakouts.
  3. Focus on what is right in front of you. The chart, the volume.

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