Essentials For Living A Good Life:

  1. Love: find someone who can love you in spite of you.
  2. Eat well: don’t waste your body’s capacity with shitty junk food or fast food.
  3. Journal: Keep a daily journal with everything that’s important. Start with a quote, end with your life goals and in between set your daily targets (whatever your profession, list your daily targets to achieve the next level)

Essentials For Great Golf:

  1. Maintain a neutral grip on the club. The grip is the first point of manipulation in your swing.
  2. Focus on what you can control: your attitude, your setup position, your swing focus.
  3. Swing your swing and let go of yourself.

Essentials For Successful Day Trading:

  1. Plan each trade. Trade each plan.
  2. Trade your favorite setups. Mine is flag breakouts.
  3. Focus on what is right in front of you. The chart, the volume.

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