No matter what your level of trading skill or account size, we all need to be accountable for our trading decisions. One thing that I have neglected to do over the last year of trading “full time” is taking profit. I get greedy. I get detrimentally optimistic about the numbers in my account instead of trading the chart like a professional. Strict conformity to a proven successful process is the objective.

If you haven’t noticed I am a completely transparent trader. I post my profit and loss and I post videos on what I did wrong and what I did right. I do this in the hope that I can glean some insight on my cognitive dissidence and share my trials and tribulations with you so you don’t suffer the same setbacks.

You may have arrived to my website searching for more information on how to trade better or maybe how to play better golf. Either way I can help. This course is for the trader who wants to stop the anxiety and start collecting profits.

You have just received an email from me. Read it and then read it again. In this email is a learning objective for you to become a better trader today. Reply to the email. Be conscientious and detailed in your response.

I will read through your response and let you know what your next objective will be.

Your friend,

Brandi Jo

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