We’ll be hearing from one of the best guys on the planet, not to mention a pioneer in teaching clients how to use permanent life insurance as an asset and for increasing retirement income.

We will have a download available for you in a few days that is your Infinite Banking study guide. We might have you email us to get that download so we know you watched this lesson… a little bit of accountability here.

Here a excerpt from you study guide:

Life Insurance is so great because we are able to build and strategically maneuver money through these policies and into other opportunities. We’re able to create more with essentially the same dollars. Now, we’re not talking about tax avoidance, we are talking about being flexible. Life Insurance allows you to enjoy your money today, but save for tomorrow and secure the next generation. When we talk about this particular strategy, it’s not about walling off money for thirty or forty years down the road, or giving it to someone else. You get to enjoy it from day one!

Here is just a sample of the Living Benefits of Permanent Dividend Paying Life Insurance

  • Competitive Return
  • Additional Benefits
  • Safe Harbor Protected From Creditors
  • Guaranteed Loan Provision
  • Liquidity, Use, & Control
  • Cash value grows tax deferred
  • When borrowing from policy cash value never decreases; continues to grow
  • Tax Free Distribution
  • High Contributions
  • Collateral Opportunities
  • Unstructured Loan Payments
  • Once dividends declared – it’s guaranteed; can’t lose cash value
  • Loans guaranteed
  • Death benefits guaranteed & tax free (no estate taxes when passed on to beneficiary)


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