You’ve got to set yourself up for success people! Get rid of the shit in your life that will sabotage your goals.

If you want to lose weight get rid of the crap food in your fridge and pantry – today!

I have FIVE 1-year goals for 2018:

1. Get freaking ripped! Pics to come later on my website –

2. Master Day Trading Money Management – eventually I’ll trade on a regular basis but this year finding the setup for green on one trade a day is the key to self mastery

3. Increase my coaching offline and online – wealth, golf and marketing

4. Increase our savings rate to 40% of our income

5. Meditate every day – simple

I’m not fat but I’m not skinny and I am certainly not in shape. I have hip issues, inflammation, low back stiffness, anterior pelvic tilt and a lack of flexibility in my t-spine.

These “issues” or problems will all be solved this year.

The fix is on with FOCUS ON THESE AREAS:

  • Macronutrient meals
  • Lifting heavy for muscle growth
  • Daily Movement Cycles based on my TPI program
  • Endurance Training EVERY SINGLE DAY for total body oxygenation
  • 4 liters of H2O Daily

Claudia says we’ll be ripped by The Masters! That’s 94 days from today! LET’S GO!!!

Pics will be posted here in a little while… don’t expect anything too racy now


What are your 1-year goals for 2018?

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