Lead generation with free play days: 

1.  Pick a slow tee time at your local daily fee course. Negotiate the rate. OR… pick a hot deal on golf now, tee off.

2. Post announcement to member organization, social media group… Chamber of Commerce, Local Networking Group, Networking Calendar:

“PLAY GOLF THIS WEEK with ME! Tee time details: 

To enter Follow me, Connect, Tag 2 golf buddies. Click Sign up! 

3. The registration page has these important details to be completed by your lead: 

Full name





Zip code

4. Make sure you have a quick autoresponder with at least 3 emails in this mini lead gen funnel: 1st – welcome statement/confirmation of registration with date and time of winner announcement, 2nd introduce yourself to your new lead, preferably a video telling them who you are and what you do. 3rd send a case study/example of your service success.

5. Send a 24 hour reminder with a picture of the “swag” you have for your golf partner. Ask your local retailers for coupons, koozies, a dozen Titleist with your logo, tees, ball markers, repair tool. 

6. Show up at least an hour before your tee time and make sure the outside service knows you are expecting a special guest – TIP THEM in advance.

7. Text your golf partner to let them know you’ll be warming up at the practice area. Meet them in the staging area.

8. Tee off and have a great round. If business talk comes up redirect the context to their wants and desires. Find out what issues they are struggling with as a company.

9. After the round offer up drinks in the grill. This is where you can schedule a more in-depth formal meeting with your now prospect.

10. Send a thank you card. Mention specifics. Mention the upcoming meeting you have already scheduled.

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