WARNING: Crack Shot!

An inside look at my acupuncture session…

I’ve struggle with low back pain for years! I have hips that are offset because I was a bit of a daredevil in my cutting horse days. Also have shoulder issues due to a car wreck in high school.

I’m all screwed up and I’m only 45!!!

If you’re watching this and know that you need to do something to have a better quality of life then start right now! Get a massage, get a belly rub – PUT YOURSELF FIRST DAMN IT!

I’ll be posting a few of these videos from my Brandi Jo 101 FREE Golf Training Video series.

About Brandi Jo 101: Brandi Jo 101 is the ultimate guide to improving your performance on the golf course and your health and fitness.

Humans have been golfing since Jesus. Hitting a round object with a stick UNTIL you get in a hole is all golf is.

Brandi Jo 101 is designed to give you insight into the nuances of the game, discover killer “hacks” to putting the ball where you want it and to simplify how your body makes a swing at the ball.

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