From the previous article, you see an example of a $300 monthly premium into a policy. Many of my clients find me online from my YouTube videos and their first question is how do I get an Infinite Banking policy?

My usual response is what is your end goal? I think it is always best to begin with the end in mind. In other words, do you want to build up capital and deploy it for making more money, investing in real estate or do you want to protect what you are already saving? In both scenarios we use cash value life insurance.

The next question I ask is how much of your income are you currently saving? If the answer is nothing then we might need to back up a few steps and start saving a percentage of your income, get some term insurance and eliminate any personal debt that might be creeping into our lifestyle spending.

The savings question is important because The Infinite Banking Concept is all about flow – cash flow. Whether the initial capital comes from an income or from revenue, it doesn’t matter either way, because it’s all about flowing capital through your Infinite Banking policies to income or revenue producing assets and back into the cash value policies.

So… to get back to the question at hand – Brandi Jo, how do I start Infinite Banking?

It’s simple actually.

First, you submit your personal economic questionnaire.

Second, you complete an application for your human life value.

Third, you complete a paramedical exam.

Fourth, we go over several different “funding” illustrations to see if we can get the maximum cash value with minimum base premium. We structure your cash flow model to make sure you can fund the policies at least until they are capitalized.

Fifth, you write the first check to fund your policy.

After 10 days, the cash value can be available to leverage and deploy. However, keep in mind, this is not a quick transaction like a bank deposit. Underwriting can take an extensive period of time especially if the company has trouble obtaining your medical records.

The time frame from initial inquiry, TODAY, until approval, funding and in-force is usually around 21 to 30 days.