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I’m glad you are ready to take your life to the next level!

Day trading is not for the faint of heart. You need to be disciplined in your approach to every trade you take… risk vs reward is your primary objective, not winning. Every trade can make you or break you!

When I first started out I was determined to double my tiny sum of $500 however long it took… it took me about six months to double the account and make consistent profits. You can see my trading journal for the proof.

With new traders who don’t have the $25,000 cash to dump into a U.S. based equity trading account like TD Ameritrade or ETrade, you usually start with a small account like I did but you are hindered with what’s called the PDT rule. Most new traders do not know how to avoid this archaic and anti-capitalist, socialist, liberal government sanctioned law.

The PDT rule is only in the United States. To trade freely you must have an offshore account or foreign bank equity account. This can be difficult to obtain if you only have a U.S. passport.

There are a few out there you can choose from but there is only one that has the highest buying power with low, low, low fees and commissions and has more shares to short on average.

Now I’m not in business to give away my hard earned profits… I want to make sure you are the right person for this opportunity. There are no free lunches – EVER.

The very best decision I made in the last six months was joining Awesome Calls © and taking the classes that Spartan, Arick, A.J. and Beth offer every week.

With AJ and his team, I am developing my new skills while networking with like minded people who believe day trading is the best business for people like us. If you believe you are ready to take your day trading career to the next level, Awesome Calls © is where you need to be.

Here is what you need to do become successful with your day trading career with a fully funded $14,000 trading account:

  1. Complete the form below and tell me why you should be considered for this gift. Be specific, thorough and concise with your essay. List any chat rooms you are in, any classes you have taken and about your goals.
  2. Follow Me and Subscribe on all channels.
  3. Watch this video and take the 10 question quiz. If you’re not in this to become a full-time professional trader then I’m not interested in helping you. Email your results and explain how you arrived at your final score. Be specific, thorough and conscientious.
  4. Read or listen to this book

Here’s the deal… you must complete these steps before you are considered for the funded account. Yeah, you gotta work for this.

This is not just a giveaway or promo… this is a serious business opportunity that you must show your are serious, disciplined and dedicated to your success.

If you are the one that shows the most dedication to this process you will be chosen for the account… but your work does not stop there…

You will be required to journal daily on my website, be interviewed weekly and record at least 10 trade reviews with me for my YouTube channel. This will be your way of giving back to the countless traders who yearn to have the life that you have decided to build for yourself.

There are no days off in this business.

Please email me with any questions you may have.

I’m looking forward to working with you,

Brandi Jo

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There is no guarantee that anyone will be chosen for this gift. You must display extraordinary desire, dedication and discipline in your application to deserve this gift.
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