I’m a big personal development “junkie”! I listen to podcasts like Lewis Howes, Impact Theory and Mel Robbins. I love learning how to better myself! I’m addicted!

This might be why I gravitate towards risk and hard to master skills.

Golf is a skill I learned at an early age with my momma teaching me the basics. The best “coaching” que she gave me was when I missed the ball as a feisty 6 year old was when I swung and missed twice I got to pick it up and throw it as hard as I could!

Looking back this did two things for me. One, this simple action advanced the ball towards the goal which was the hole. Two, I was given the chance to release the tension that builds up when I was so ultra focused on my intention. And as a bonus I got to have a little more fun than most other beginners who are pressured to be perfect.

My upbringing was not about being perfect, it was about being exactly who I am and finding my true voice, what I was made of and being happy.

With trading, I am fascinated by the incredible ability to create wealth with very little risk in a very small amount of time. And it’s very similar to golf.

Both short term trading with high risk and golf involves the skill to minimize emotion and expectations.

We all know that expectations lead to resentment and anxiety. Trading and golf must not involve too much of an expectation of the outcome. You must have a strategy, commit to the strategy and constantly be improving upon the last shot or trade.

This talent for simply just “hitting it, finding it and hitting it again” or as a technical trader, “finding it, planning it and trading it” can be grown with slow, specific moves to achieve the desired outcome which is success.

Currently, I am trading options to learn more about volatility and time frames for risk. I’m enjoying “fixed risk” with infinite upside trades. The only expectation I have for these trades is to lose money but I will have to say I am studying the charts with a wider time frame and slower executions for the trades. I am still a little early with my exits I believe but I have taken profits and let the losers expire worthless.

All this studying and journaling is the practice of developing me as a better trader and a person. Just like teaching my students to be better golfers, I’m teaching them to be better people and to treat themselves with more respect. When it all boils down, golf and trading is not about golf or trading, it’s about who we are as people and how we go about our own process for success. Which is the essence of personal development.

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