You’ve got to track and journal your trades… maybe not every trade but you need to know what was going on around you and inside you that lead to the decision on that particular trade.

Video coming soon… again this is a course being built while we all learn how to overcome our demons.

Step #1 – Buy a blank journal… something nice or something cheap. I’ve had and have both currently

Step #2 – I use both pages of the open journal. Write the date and day of the week. The essence of your journal must have an inspirational quote or manifesting aspiring saying, your top 3 trading rules and your current positions.

This is all to be done pre-market. This woo woo, manifesting shit works! So do it!

My top 3 rules are:

#1 – Wait for the setup on entries and exits for minimal risk and maximum gain.
#2 – Wait for CONFIRMATION. Candle close.
#3 – TAKE PROFIT! Set your orders to rake in cash!

Practice some gratitude in the journal. This is your manifesto of trading. This is a portal to your style of trading. Let your thoughts flow…!!!

I use the rest of the pages to make notes of what AJ says, of how Spartan positions his plays, of how Levi spots sweeps and the like. I also use the pages to track my emotions and also to vent and forgive myself if I make a dumbass move.

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