When trading became an interest again after 25 years, I was following this young, smart trader that was a penny stock guy that scalped 10 cent moves for 1000s of dollars in 1-click of the mouse.

At first I was like, “damn! that is awesome and quick money!” But it’s not something that I found came easy to me. I was getting romanced by the quick bucks but I soon realized that he had about 7 years on me in trading experience and he really hadn’t been successful except for the last 10 months or so.

Back in my early 20s I was recruited to a prop firm that was connected to a big Wall Street investment bank. It was a bit like the boutique firm from The Big Short. A few guys and me. I met the head dude who was eerily like Steve Carell’s character in the movie at the golf club I had the privilege of practicing during the winters in Scottsdale, Arizona.

We were “technical” traders. My training was basically sit here, hit this button when price action gets to here and hit this button when it hits this line. That’s as technical as it got. I worked two winters for them and made some nice money but I had LPGA and Sportscenter moments as my dream.

Now that I am “semi” retired from “real” jobs I have come back to trading 25 years later. Back in early 2016 I began searching for prop firms again but not a lot of opportunities in South Texas. I wanted to become a great trader by the time I turn 50 and believed I needed a shit ton of capital to trade successfully but I was wrong.

I have always traded but it was a play thing mostly. Never made any real money and would spend what little I did make. It was a hobby and an entertainment not anything over the 20 plus years in between trading “careers” that I was focused on.

After I realized that penny stocks were not for me I reached out to the fintwits for some insight on where they were mentored. I was smart enough to know I needed a mentor that had already accomplished what I wanted to accomplish. A true mentor will guide and keep their underlings accountable to their goals. In these last four years I’ve followed alert services, chat rooms and FURUs. A few were actually mentors like AJ and Chris. The issue I had with their mentorship was there wasn’t a system per se. It was technical which I love but it wasn’t a true system that works for all markets and also have an emphasis on different systems for different markets. Reference Trading Beyond The Matrix by Van Tharp for details on different markets.

When you’re in several discord rooms you become online friends with so many that are working just as hard as you are to become a successful trader. In the conversations I would have with them they would share their experiences and libraries of knowledge. I wouldn’t ignore any of it because those that shut off themselves from knowledge are not given blessings – Hosea 4:6.

Many books, videos, courses and ebooks flowed my way. I consumed it all. I didn’t want to miss any piece of information that would help me build a successful trading system.

In all of this I found a system that worked, that made sense and that made money. This system was based on technical levels and smart risk management. Dan Shapiro’s #PS60 process is what it is.

For over 18 months I’ve tried to find something wrong with it and to tweek it. I haven’t been successful when I change any aspect of his proven system. I have added layers to the #PS60 process to enhance mostly short term support and resistance levels but that’s about it. This thing works.

At this point in my trading career after four years of SERIOUS STUDY on trading, mindset, risk management and meditation, I have begun, just begun to understand how far I have to go.

My trading gets better everyday because I get better everyday in every aspect of my life.

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