As an agent, my job is to first protect the companies I represent. Field underwriter was our official job description. As a friend and someone who cares for people, we should do everything and sometimes that means making people feel as inept as they really are. This will get the sale and the future renewal we was agents always want. Don’t back down from helping people. There were three simple steps to take but ego and pride got in this couple’s way to a vibrant and worry free retirement. Watch the video and learn how to use products in a simple strategy for cash income. Screw assets in the end. Assets only COST you money in retirement. Income is what gives you retirement freedom. The assets that are worth having are the ones that pay for themselves.
  1. Simple reverse mortgage
  2. Eliminate debt: vacation homes that you don’t even lease out to pay for the mortgage
  3. Annuitize all your hard assets that have no production
Guarantee your retirement INCOME. Don’t wish and hope for a stress free retirement – BUILD IT YOURSELF.

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