I’ve been trading “full time” for 18 months now. I’ve learned so much and I’ve become somewhat consistent in my trading.

In trading it’s not WHAT DO YOU LEARN TO DO… it’s more what you LEARN NOT TO DO in this profession.

The first thing I learned the extreme hard way was to NOT trade options in the first 30 minutes of trading unless there is substantial volume with a news catalysts AND you have the intestinal fortitude to withstand the whipsaw effect in your option pricing – DON’T LOOK AT YOUR PNL WHEN SCALPING OPTIONS.

The first half hour, 30 minutes of trading, can make you do things you do not intend to do and you will more than likely regret the decision to buy or sell your positions in a frenzy of emotion, sweat and blurry vision.

My method or process is to wait for my EMAs to get organized, establish a direction and be patient for the resistance and support tests.

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