For almost a year I have worked diligently on becoming a simple technical trader. Every day I work hard to journal, study and review every move I have made for that day.

I ask myself questions like
– did I have a plan for each trade I took?
– did I treat myself well?
– was a 100% accountable to my purpose?

Saturdays are especially cathartic for me because I focus my energy to examine the week’s previous trades and attempt to give myself a “score” for my performance. Of course this number is not necessarily objective but I like to see trends when it comes to performance in everything I do – trading, golf, fitness, nutrition. Everything can be analyzed to find the one key to a successful method.

Often times, there are also updates to software and applications that could hinder trading in the following week. For a technical trader, my tools are dependent upon the internet of things that are far beyond my control. I can take an hour or maybe two to make sure that my setup is finely tuned and ready for Money Monday.

Most weeks there is plenty of money that I do not enjoy in my trading account because I either didn’t let a winner run or I didn’t take profits when I should have. In the past week, I have traded $AAPL a few times… and lost.

Here’s this week’s trade review on:

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