How do we measure our message? Watch the video to understand why I am doing this and what we will learn from this specific campaign.

You’ll be able to see if the exposure for this brand, Infinite Banking 101, grows or just gets looked over. I’ll post to a specific schedule every, with a few multiple posts at least 4 days out of the week.

Here are the rules for each post:

  1. Every post must have a link to drive traffic
  2. Every link must be a specific landing page.
  3. Every landing page must have a call to action.

Tomorrow is the first post and is focused on a new year’s message with video. The landing page is designed to convert a visitor to “download” a personal economic blueprint and complete a questionnaire that will be used to give them an idea of how much annual income they will have for retirement.

I want to push the envelope a bit with Infinite Banking… I want agents and policy holders to think bigger picture – ultimately thinking with the end in mind.

Every week I’ll post how this campaign is performing. Click here to be notified when new content is delivered.

Stay tuned.

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