This course is for all of us to learn together. I am teacher by trade and experience. I have taught 100’s of people how to create passive income with financial instruments and I have taught 1000’s of people to hit a golf ball.

The end result is completely different but the application of learning IS EXACTLY THE SAME. I promise you.

This course is a lesson in Mastery of Yourself To Become A Better Trader AND MAKE A GOOD LIVING WHILE TRADING. You are the only competition you have. Trading is an exercise of pragmatism and risk management. You must have your entire faculties available to you to make the most prudent entry with the maximum amount of gain.

Every week you will receive a new “lesson” to add to your process. Mastery of any skill is all about building confidence in the process of success.

I’ll sure I’ll add more to this later… this course is an evergreen, ever growing exercise of learning who we are.

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