As of last February, I am no longer licensed to operate as a financial professional. I have relinquished my licenses to the state of Texas making it impossible (read illegal) for me to guide, advise or provide specific information about specific products in reference to your specific needs for the betterment of your personal financial life.

This does not mean you are left high and dry, so don’t get pissed and sad that you don’t have access to me anymore! That’s simply not going to be the case!

Your existing policies and accounts are well taken care of by the awesome people at OneAmerica Financial Partners, American United Life Insurance, unfortunately I will not be your go to for policy and account services… Wait for it…

If you have watched any of my videos on retirement planning and Infinite Banking, you know that I partnered with Bryan Buffinton back in 2015. Bryan is handling all referrals from my former client roster.

He is who I highly, dramatically and enthusiastically recommend you continue the work we have started on your financial journey.
Now this does not mean that I am sending this email and I’m off the hook with regard to your happiness. This business decision means that I can actually be more direct and even more passionate about what I have taught you about money and your ultimate financial goals. I can speak truth to myth now that I am not associated as a licensed agent with any life insurance company.
I get to say the things that will help you… not what the compliance officer says I can say!
You will see this incredible frenzy of emotion in the webinars Bryan and I will continue to provide and by sharing insights from my network of experts in tax, social security and protection on my social media network and especially my online training programs on Infinite Banking.
You will still receive insight and clarity on every aspect of your financial life from me at least once a month if not more if I have a fire burning inside me about something that can help you.
The CYA/CMA/FYI of this change is that I cannot recommend a specific product and get directly paid for it as a percentage of commission. I can however be compensated through my online referral platform where all I know about whole life insurance and retirement can be viewed for free… I have established a compensation referral plan with Bryan.
You are someone who trusted me at one point to rely on me to help you plan for your family’s financial future and so I want to make sure you stay committed, happy and excited about your current and future financial life.
I’m not going anywhere. I’m just changing the tone and the way I distribute my knowledge to you.
I will always be available to you and will provide more insight for your financial success here on my website.
If there is something specific you are are struggling with, confused about or want to share some good news with me, I want to know about it! Right now! Send me an email, call me/text me 210.563.8595… I’m here for you and only you so take advantage of my selflessness today!
Be good to you first!

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