What we believe and think will project through to how we live our lives. Too many people don’t believe this. They often attribute their misfortunes to fate or chance. While there are some elements of this within our lives, how we think can alter our future.

If you are a negative thinking person, you won’t see solutions where they exist. You will knock down any idea that comes your way, thinking it is not possible. Conversely, when you keep a positive outlook, every idea has the potential to become a solution. You will find the path much quicker than when you don’t accept any ideas.

These scenarios of positive and negative thinking, play out for people over and over. Positive people advance where negative people stay in one place or even fall behind.

You will flock to people who share the same mental attitude. Negativity will attract negative thinkers and positivity will attract positive thinkers. When you get a group of positive thinkers together, who all are open to many ideas, the possibilities are endless. Negative thinkers will simply find more excuses why their lives aren’t working for them. They will recruit as many people as possible to this way of thinking.

From what I’ve experienced it’s deeper than just negative thinking. It’s low self esteem. During lessons with my golf students I hear quips about others that are more fortunate than they are. When they witness someone shining in prosperity, they assume they have had more luck and help than doing actual work. Recently, while in a playing lesson, a student of mine made a snarky remark that the young men in front of us who played for a local college team were “spending daddy’s money”. Little did he know all those young men were on academic scholarship. I didn’t bother correcting him.

Not every idea that positive people come up with will work. It would be wrong to state that they have all the answers. It’s just they are willing to try anything and evaluate what works and what needs improvement. They will be quicker to abandon those ideas that aren’t working.

The good news is negative thinkers can turn their situations around. They first have to admit they have a problem. Then, they have to learn how to reflect on what they were doing and counter the negative thought patterns. Using affirmations are a great way to reverse the cycle.

In reality, negativity is a bad habit. It’s easy to get caught up in it due to all the negativity that exists in the world. News stories, friends, even parents, can all be contributors that help us lead negative lives ourselves. Social media is horrible! I have a daily success habit of sharing posts, creating images and engaging with my social media network. I have worked hard to eliminate the people who don’t share kindness, positivity and just spew their vitriol. Don’t get me wrong, I am a political conservative and politics is a polarizing medium on social media. I like to engage with social media posts that educate, not denigrate.

Don’t beat yourself up if you find yourself being a negative thinker. As long as you take steps to reverse it, you can live a better life going forward. Your family, friends, and colleagues will appreciate the new you. And those that don’t will find their way out of your life without any work on your part. The process will take some time, but it will pay dividends for the rest of your life.

With everything I share I want to give you tools to succeed in every aspect of your life so please take the time to join our community and to take advantage of the free courses we’ve put together for you. A good one to start with is our 5 Day Mini Self Esteem Course. We hope you find something worth taking with you today from this article.

Have a great day!

Brandi Jo

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